You want to be a wedding photographer, think twice

Before telling you anything, first, we want to tell you that there are a number of experienced wedding photographers in Indore that you can hire if your wedding is in the city according to your budget. Now we start main.

What do you think what kind of job wedding photography is? Do you think it is an easy job? Anyone can do it? Do you think it is just about clicking photos, adjusting flash, and appropriating lighting? A wedding photography is more than that. Those who aspire to become a wedding photographer and they think that it is an easy job and a lucrative one, then we want to tell you that you should look in all four directions rather than one. We tell if you become a wedding photographer what kind of your professional life is going to be, which will also be affecting your personal life, and if you are married then you need an understanding partner else it is not going to work. Because most of the time a wedding photographer spends his/her life on wedding locations snapping brides and grooms. This job is more like half of your life you are spending in a submarine.

Don’t consider it as a job while an art: first of all if you think anyone can be a wedding photographer then think twice. Those all the things that you think in your dreams and imaginations when come into reality, they totally look different. Because don’t think that if you can paint, then you can snap too. Perhaps it could be but you need to explore and implore yourself as a photographer, and for any art, as all artists say you need to be creative. Don’t mere consider wedding photography a job, consider it as art.

Dream vs. reality: you think doing a wedding photographer job you are going to live a scheduled life as you dream like waking up early in the morning, eating on time, sleeping on time, then please don’t think so.  A wedding photographer’s professional life is totally unplanned. They have to shoot from morning to evening. They don’t have fixed time for eating and even for sleeping. They have to travel to far locations for the shoot. Sometime it could be out of the city and sometimes out of the country also. Their professional life also affects their personal life also.

Lucrative job: don’t think that starting as a wedding photographer you are going to earn millions. It takes time until or unless you become a famous wedding photographer and more experienced. The job is more about patience. Payments often get delayed and are not timely.

Show your work: wedding photography is not a job like you show your qualification degree and you get a gig to do. No, it is not like this. From however reputed college or school you have a degree, it is not going to create any difference. You have to build your portfolio first and then show it to others. Nowadays you can take the help of a plethora of digital tools to show your work. If you have a best and impressive portfolio then it is the possibility that you can get gigs to do.

Really want to be a wedding photographer: there is a difference between words fascinated and committed. If you are fascinated with wedding photography, then you have to take it seriously because it could be that in six months or in a year your fascination flies away. You have to be committed. Because committedness and fascination mean success.

There is a slew of facets and layers of this job that you aspire to become. We must advise that you should know every one provided you don’t need to regret later saying yourself that my fascination has killed me. Besides all, if you are doing your doing job fine and then more gigs, then you can list yourself on Shaadidukaan, which is an online wedding market.

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