A Short List of the Best Landmarks in Medan City

Whatever it is that you are looking for in a vacation, medan city has it aplenty. Indonesia’s fourth largest city has countless landmarks to behold, gorgeous landscape to ponder upon, modern living to be excited for, and superb cuisines to be delightfully enjoyed. Going to the city, you are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday like nothing before. The largest city in Sumatra is a perfect spot for anyone who wishes to have a different holiday experience. This is something that should be amplified the moment you arrive at the city; its people are unlike any others in Indonesia. They are fiercer and rather straightforward. But that does not mean that they are hostile toward tourists. On the contrary, the typical fierceness Medan people display is a proof for their outspoken culture, which could be something fresh to add to your Indonesian holiday experience.

The biggest thing to look forward to is perhaps medan city lake toba. The massive freshwater lake is nowhere near Medan, actually. If anything, it would take a 5-hour drive from the airport to get to the lake. Still, visiting Lake Toba is an inseparable, interesting experience that makes your Medan holiday complete. Make sure that you set aside a special day for this in case the trip to and back from the lake wears you down.

In terms of medan city travel, on the other hand, you would find the city bustling with modern living and urban development takes place side by side with religious sites. Medan has been regarded as one of the cities in the world that manage to keep everything in balance: its modern expansion happens alongside a culture that is well-preserved. Due to this, the city has been dubbed Paris van Sumatra, in similar vein with Bandung as Paris van Java. Some of the best landmarks you should make sure not to miss out on include:

  1. Maimoon Palace

The Sultanate of Deli has been all but disbanded today. The remnant of this kingdom stays behind in the form of this palace. In this sense, the palace today operates more like a museum, displaying past glory and treasured artifacts.

  1. Vihara Borobudur

Styled with Chinese influences, the temple features some statues of Goddess Guanyin.

  1. GunungTimur Temple

It’s the oldest Taoist temple in Medan.

  1. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery

The museum operated from 1999 and it displays some of the best taxidermy collections.

  1. Great Mosque

The mosque mixes the styles of Malay, Middle Eastern, European, and Moroccan.

  1. Graha Maria AnnaiVelangkanni

It’s a catholic shrine dedicated to Mother Mary, designed in Tamil style.

  1. Sri Mariamman

The temple is dedicated to Hindu god’s pantheon. It is also the oldest Hindu temple in Medan.

  1. Tjong A Fie Mansion

The building is preserved in its furniture as the fittings are kept the way they were during the original owner’s occupation. Previously belonged to Tjong A Fie himself, this mansion tells of a story that could fill in those little blank spots regarding Medan’s past history.

  1. Tirtanadi Water Tower

The Dutch built the tower back in 1908 and today it is regarded as one of the city’s icons.

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